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    Horsetail Herbs offers alternative health services for animals and their people, and is based in Milton, Vermont. Owned by Kelley Robie, Horsetail Herbs has evolved from her desire to help both animals and people. It also brings together her passion for animals and plants.  In Kelley's work with animals and people, she strives to provide whatever is needed for the highest good.  She looks for healthy, holistic solutions to specific health challenges.

    Drawing from a number of different modalities when advising people how to help themselves and their beloved companions, Kelley majored in Animal Sciences in college, and took classes designed to prepare her for veterinary school. This type of training honed her abilities to think critically and see situations in an analytical manner. When looking for alternatives to allopathic medicine for her own health challenges, Kelley discovered Iridology, which uses analysis of the iris of the eye to discern states of strength or weakness in the body.  She also began to passionately study HerbalismBoth of these therapies are a major part of her health consultations with others.  As she continued on her own journey to wellness she learned how important proper Nutrition is in preventing disease states, and how integral optimal diet is to improving a being’s overall health.  She began exploring her intuitive skills as well, and Reiki became an important part of her life as she realized how relaxing and enriching this ancient form of hands-on healing can be. Today Kelley also uses Bio-Energy Analysis, the testing of nutritional and organ reflex points, to find where nutritional deficiencies and organ weakness may be a contributing factor to health, in her consultations with people and animals. She may also use Flower Essences, Acupressure, Energy-Realignment, Chakra Balancing, and Myofascial Release to help balance the individual.

    Through many years of living with her own horses and cats, Kelley has developed a deep sense of connection to the animal world, which is instrumental in her work in Animal Communication.  Animal Communication is the process of using a deepened sense of intuition to receive words, images and feelings directly from your animal.  This interconnectedness of all life is powerfully expressed in the special bonds between animals and their humans.  These bonds are on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

    In all her work Kelley has a deep sense of purpose, and gratitude for her abilities to help animals and people in their own journeys towards greater health. Her passion is educating and empowering others to be guardians of their own wellness, and in that spirit Kelley often teaches classes in the local community, educating on such topics as fibromyalgia, herbal facials, and animal wellness. Last year Kelley gave a presentation at "Everything Equine" on "What to do When Your Horse is Colicking (and you're waiting for the vet)." Some of the information from that presentation is available here. Kelley will be at Everything Equine again this year so watch for her booth in the main area.

    Kelley is also educating budding herbalists this year through her herbal summer series, and has taught an eight month herbal apprenticeship in past years. The herbal summer series will cover how to identify herbs, and prepare tinctures. Students will also learn more about children's health, women's health, men's health, and the systems of the body. From wild edibles to simple syrups, Kelley enjoys educating her students towards more empowered health.

    As you journey through Kelley's website, she hopes you find the information about her services, workshops & class offerings useful, that you learn something new while reading the health articles, or discover other helpful sites as you look through the wellness links. Enjoy exploring the site and let the journey begin…

Wishing you and your animal,

Love & Herbal Blessings,

Kelley of Horsetail Herbs

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